5-12 Made-for-Me Swing Seat

Model Number: 5-12-ADA-SWING-SEAT

The ages 5-12 Made-for-Me Swing Seat is an ADA accessible piece of commercial playground equipment made from high-strength roto-molded plastic, and is available in vibrant mood-lifting colors. Each swing seat comes with everything you need to install but the swing frame, including galvanized or stainless steel chain, plastic chair brace, and top-bar hanger. Just specify your frame height, top-bar pipe diameter, and choice of chain type.

Every child should be able to experience the toe tingling joy of a great swing at their school or at a local park. That is why we offer the Made-for-Me-Swing which features a special engineered design to secure children with mobility limitations safely within a traditional installed swing set. When used as a special feature swing, children with disabilities can enjoy swinging side-by-side with family or friends.

Occupational therapists use swinging sessions to activate muscles in children and adults with disabilities. The natural swinging motion creates resistance, which helps to build and develop muscles in the core or center of the body. This helps children with disabilities become more aware of their bodily balance and how to stabilize themselves. Over time the exercise can have a positive impact on mobility.

Swinging also assists children with developing sensory integration skills. The natural motion of the swing stimulates the Vestibular System (inner ear) and impacts functions like balance, motion sickness or vertigo. The movement applies gentle pressure to the fluid in the ear to create a sense of direction and gravity.

Proprioception is the ability to be aware of our body and the different parts we are able to move and control through motor sensory, nerves and muscular messaging within the body. Swinging tests the communication between the nerves and muscles further developing them.

In addition to having healthful developmental value, did we mention it is also a lot of fun? It gives them the opportunity to enjoy the swing with their peers and with few limitations simply by changing the design of the standard swing to accommodate for special needs, you are enhancing social connections and a sense of confidence and belonging.


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Includes Roto-molded Seat, Chair Brace, Steel Swing Chain, Top Bar Connectors
Age Range 5 to 12
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