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Balance Board

The Balance Board provides a variety of fitness elements while fitting in a small space. The board wobbles and flexes as the user attempts standing squats, single leg lifts, or even push ups. The handles that are routed into the platform surface allow for convenient grips for push-ups and dips. It is also designed to emulate the types of workouts that can be accomplished with a fitness ball.

Benefits of use:

  • Balance and Flexibility
  • Core Fitness,
  • Muscle Strengthening,

Constructed from commercial-grade galvanized steel with a rust-resistant powder-coating, the Sit-Up / Back Extension Station is colored black and gray to mimic typical indoor gym equipment. All steel posts, bars, metal accessories, and welds are backed by a limited 10-year warranty. All other parts are covered by a limited 2-year warranty (excludes cosmetic damage).

Create a community destination by offering outdoor fitness equipment and your park goers will see plenty of health benefits, including: reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, increased mental acuity and serotonin levels, and improved overall muscle and aerobic fitness.

Don't hesitate to talk to a playground specialist here at American Parks Company. They can help you plan your space to maximize value and make sure you can fit as many essential activities as you'd like to provide you patrons. They'll work with your budget, and can even provide pricing for freight and installation so that you know what the bottom line is.

Price does not include footings, bolts, or other mounting hardware.

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