Balance Plank

Model Number: UP176/UP197

The Balance Plank features a narrow walking area that tapers from 6 to 3 for a graduated challenge, allowing beginners to start at the wide end as they develop their sense of balance, while advanced users can challenge themselves using the narrow end. The plank can also be used as an elevated push-up platform for multiple people at once, or as a challenging base for standing yoga poses.

With its balance and strength training benefits, this piece of equipment is a versatile addition to any outdoor fitness park. It is constructed from recyclable materials: commercial-grade steel posts, textured high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic surface provides excellent traction while you exercise, and comes in a rust-resistant finish in a recognizable color scheme akin to typical indoor gym equipment.

Create a community destination by offering outdoor fitness equipment, such as the Balance Plank, as an added amenity to apartment communities, hotels, universities, senior centers, or fitness clubs. By providing a health and wellness benefit to your neighborhood, you'll attract park-goers who enjoy working outdoors in the fresh air.

Studies show that exercising outdoors increases overall enjoyment of workouts, as well as increased duration and repeat use of exercise equipment as opposed to indoor gyms. The outdoors also provides a less intimidating, more welcoming atmosphere than regular club style gyms.

Price does not include footings, bolts, or other mounting hardware.


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Weight (LB) 33
Includes Tapered HDPE Plank,Slip-resistant Surface,Steel Construction,In-ground Mount only,Dimensions: 35"L x 6"H x 3"W min. 6"W max.
Use Zone 10'5" x 7'0"
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