For the safety of both pets, their owners, and other members of the public, designated areas for Dog Parks continue to be the trend and answer to cultivating a happy outdoor space.

Did you know that in the United States of America there are approximately 70 million dogs and about 37% of all households own a dog?  The impact of growing pet ownership on urban planning means that municipalities and community groups are marking organized pet parks a priority for owners to enjoy healthy outdoor activity.

Tips on Designing a Quality Bark Park from American Parks Company™

If you have decided to provide a bark park in your community, or designate space for dogs and their owners in your public park, there are a number of considerations you can make to ensure that the final result is a quality outdoor space that responsible pet owners will enjoy.

Location and Size Matters

The recommended minimum size for a bark park is one acre.  But if space is not an issue, the bigger the better, as it can accommodate more pets and owners comfortably creating ample room for all.   If you are creating a dog park adjacent to an existing community park, we recommend placing the paw friendly zone toward the back of your park, away from structures and amenities that can put children and pets in close proximity.  Pet owners will appreciate being in an area with lower pedestrian traffic, and don’t forget ample shade trees.  Dogs like trees.  A lot.

Who is Walking Whom?

Remember that dogs do not attend the park without their owners, so it is important to ensure that some important conveniences and amenities are provided for pet owners.  Commercial grade benches and picnic tables, recycling and pet waste stations, water fountains and waste bag dispensers are important.  Not only will the amenities make the park more enjoyable, they will also make the recreational space more manageable.

Explore a variety of durable agility equipment provided by American Parks Company to add the benefit of meaningful exercise for dogs (and their humans) at your park.   From jumps, to hoops, climbers and weave poles, American Parks Company has all the equipment you need to build fun obstacles and learning into your dog park.

Create House Rules

Budget for additional signage in your bark park that will help to direct pet owners to responsible behaviours that will enhance the enjoyment of the space for all guests.  It is reasonable to limit the number of dogs per adult, and that dogs and owners have proof of vaccination and license in accordance with municipal bylaws.  Most parks enforce a minimum age requirement of 16 years, unless accompanied by an adult.

Remember that by providing a designated area for pets and their owners, you can design and build a harmonious outdoor recreation area for your community.   Call us to discuss your needs and to learn more about our dog park equipment 1-800-381-4491.