There has been a lot of discussion about the fitness of American children, and a push to encourage them to enjoy more “free play.” The time they spend exploring the natural environment, and challenging themselves physically, as well as activities that promote fitness, health, and wellness comes from free play. In the past, taking children to the park usually involved parents, caregivers, or supervisors would take up a bench to monitor kids, while remaining sedentary themselves.

Health and fitness are habits that are modeled first in the home. So if we want to inspire increased physical activity for our children, we must learn to not only encourage them verbally, but to show them by example how important exercise is to health and well-being.


Work Out at the Park

Municipalities and other public and private organizations are seizing the opportunity to provide commercial playground equipment that is designed to appeal both to children and adults. Across the country, in both urban and suburban settings, parks are beginning to add outdoor fitness devices to encourage family fitness. This trend is a positive one that addresses exercise as a necessity for the entire family.

And what could be more fun than moving your workout to your local park for a change of scenery? Skip the stuffy gym and allow your children to enjoy the playground amenities while you get in some muscle toning, cardio, balance and fitness, or other type of exercise.

Whether your community would like to augment existing playground equipment, or create a state-of-the-art outdoor fitness park for adults, American Parks Company has the outdoor fitness equipment you need to design a space your community will utilize and enjoy!


Making Outdoor Fitness Accessible for Everyone

American Parks Company has incorporated new categories of commercial park and playground equipment to address the outdoor fitness needs of people of all experience and ability levels with quality durable products. The Accessible Chest Press provides upper arm toning and works the core torso muscle groups, and is ADA accessible for individuals with specialized mobility requirements.

The Upright Cycle is a fun and easy way for adults (and children) to get a healthy aerobic workout, improving cardiovascular fitness in a comfortable and unintimidating format with which everyone is familiar. It is much like the traditional stationary bikes found inside regular membership style gyms, but is available in the fresh and invigorating outdoors.

Planning to build an outdoor fitness park for your apartment complex, senior center, recreational facility, or other community? We can help! Get a jump start on a healthy lifestyle for all your park or playground patrons by giving us a call at 1-800-381-4491.