The center of every community is a great recreational park. Whether you are a private organization­ (i.e. daycare center, health care center, or hospitality), a non-profit organization (i.e. church or school), or a public parks and recreation team (i.e. HOA, multifamily community, or municipality), there are a number of resources available to help you find grants and funding to assist with your purchase and playground project.

Communities looking to revitalize their public spaces should plan to fundraise and seek out grant opportunities well in advance. It can take some time to explore the different avenues for recreational grants, and processing once approved, can take some additional administrative time. Many community groups base the scope of their playground project on two years of preparatory planning to allow for fundraising and applications for grants.

Building a safe public playground is an investment in fitness, fun, and the well-being of the community it serves. But the cost of quality certified commercial playground equipment can be a little daunting for a lot of organizations. To get the highest return on investment for your playground project, we recommend choosing only commercial grade equipment that is engineered to withstand the rigors of outdoor use by children, such as the products we offer here at American Parks Company

With more vested interest in the health and fitness of children, and the need to replace unsafe and aging playground equipment, there are a variety of organizations and programs which provide grants for community playground projects. We have organized some of these resources to assist you.

Grant Directories

The websites listed below provide frequently updated lists of grant opportunities available for commercial playground projects, and are a valuable resource worth book marking to help you explore new grant opportunities, and help get you started.

National (USA) Grants for Environmental Enhancement Projects

Need help writing your grant request? Some organizations offer a free grant writing service to assist you. There are also a number of professional grant writing agencies such as Resource Associates who can successfully assist you to create a successful funding proposal.

If you are not sure where to start, call us at 1-800-381-4491!  Our playground specialists have the expertise to guide you to the right financing resources and help you select and specify costs for your park or playground, including equipment, site furnishings, shade and shelter products, and much more.