American Parks Company Celebrates National Fitness Month

At American Parks Company, we remember what it was like to be a kid.  Organizationally we are committed to inspiring creative play and physical fitness by becoming a recognized, national leader in quality commercial playground equipment.

May is National Fitness Month designated by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition which provides education, programs and initiatives to motivate Americans of all ages and abilities to lead healthy, active lives.   The momentum of the President’s Council continues to focus on children and adolescents in an effort to address health concerns, nutrition and obesity for kids in the United States.

The objectives of National Fitness Month are:

- To expand national interest and awareness of the benefits of consistent physical activity.

- To assist with the coordination (with public and private sector partners) of sports, fitness, nutritional education and other supportive programs.

- Educate on risks and disparities in health due to inactive lifestyle choices.

We support healthy outdoor fitness and awareness by providing charitable donations of playground equipment to non-profit agencies on an annual basis.  It is our way of bringing the joy of play and the benefit of healthy exercise to children coast to coast.

Tips to Keep Kids Fit Year Round

- Encourage physical exercise for a minimum of one hour per day.  Consider enrollment in a sports team, or a family schedule that incorporates playground time and other aerobic activities daily.

- Offer healthy snack alternatives.  Fruit and vegetables make a healthy snack with minimum preparation time.  Keep some vegetables ready to go in the fridge and within reach.

- Address obesity as a health issue, not as a personal or emotional one.  Make it a family goal to stay within healthy weight limits and to support each other in your pursuit of overall fitness and wellness.

- Unplug and get them outdoors!  Tablets and gaming consoles burn very few calories.  If the weather cooperates, suggest a bike ride or gardening, or other activity outdoors.  Combine playtime with simple helpful outdoor activities to keep them moving.

Children model observed behavior.  The best way to have fit American children and adolescents is to lead by example by making nutrition and healthy habits part of our daily adult lifestyle.   Happy National Fitness Month from all of us at American Parks Company™.