Some of the best learning for children happens outdoors. That’s why schools, church groups and daycare facilities are embracing a new concept that expands the learning space within the classroom to active learning outdoors.

Moving a portion of your curriculum to the outdoors requires some planning to ensure that the environment is suitable for learning. Selecting the right commercial playground equipment is one of many steps that early childhood educators will take to plan an effective outdoor learning space.

    1. Behavioural & Scientific LearningParents are responsible for behavioural learning and demonstrating the ‘rules’ for children. However much of this learning happens at daycares and schools, where the fundamentals of polite behaviour are reinforced by teachers and caregivers. Teach children about the natural environment and how to work together politely with our Green Thumb Potting Shed. This play structure also encourages scientific discovery in a real-world practical approach with gardening. Kids are introduced to mathematical concepts of volume and geometric space while filling soil into containers. The effects of photosynthesis and other chemical reactions can be experienced firsthand.


    1. Socialization & Imaginative PlayLearning to engage with peers and adults offers valuable socialization skills every child needs to develop. Teach them how to work independently and within a group with a variety of activities that allow them to explore leadership and cooperative roles with their peers. Many children learn to share and care about others on the playground, so harness their creative and cooperative energy with our Puppet Theater Panel.


    1. Cognitive Learning and Problem SolvingOur other commercial playground equipment options include interactive learning panels that challenge children to apply critical thinking to their play. Our TouchMath Panel features a training manual for educators and an instructional DVD, as well as an Activity Panel Poster to display inside the classroom to encourage students to apply their learning outdoors in a fun, engaging way.


    1. Physical Fitness and Dexterity Each piece of playground equipment is designed to provide a physical benefit. Whether to increase balance and coordination, build upper or lower body strength, or improve hand-eye dexterity, playtime is essential to the developmental health of children. Choose our Labyrinth Panel to offer a fun and challenging activity to enhance math skills and visual acuity.


  1. Accessibility When it comes to integrated learning and fun, no child should be left behind. That is why every commercial playground structure from American Parks Company is ADA accessible and meets ASTM, CPSC, and IPEMA safety standards.

    Consider your playground as the ideal place to escape the conventional classroom and broaden the imagination of children. Encourage children to learn in a hands-on way through meaningful active play, where they can experience ‘doing’ rather than simply ‘seeing’.

At American Parks Company we can help you create playground structures that support cognitive and social development for children. Contact us for more information.