How to Design A Classic Playground


Are you designing a new green space or community park?  If you are an HOA, church or educational organization, daycare or preschool, American Parks Company™ provides quality turnkey commercial playgrounds with the industry’s best warranty.

There is a little more to making a great park than simply buying equipment; it is a recipe for creating a comfortable, community space that everyone will enjoy. That means reflecting on the kinds of activities and participants you can expect at your park.  We’ll discuss some of the important elements of a successful playground that stands the test of time, both in terms of appearance and utility.

Accessible Components
Leave no child out of the thrill, fun and exhilaration of a day at the park! Whether planning for toddlers and tots or some of the bigger kids, choose quality commercial playground designs that appeal to all.  Create a division in equipment by developing a toddler area separate from the larger playground equipment, and remember to include opportunities for children with special needs by incorporating ADA Accessible elements for play, learning and social sharing.

Hydration and Relaxation
Outdoor fun is hard work!  Regardless of the seasonality of your park or temperatures, visitors appreciate the opportunity to rest and take breaks comfortably.  Augment your commercial playground equipment with durable benches and tables.  Provide relief from the hot sun (and UV exposure) or rain with quality sun shades.  Make your park the best place in the city to have a fun family picnic!

Litter Management
Protect your park from litter and illegal dumping by making it easy for visitors to find and use garbage bins.  The difference between a neat and unkempt park is typically the number of garbage and recycling stations provided (and their location).  Consider your traffic flow and place an appropriate number of bins intuitively, and avoid excessive maintenance or clean-up costs.

Athletic Equipment
We think every park should have a basketball net (or two).  We have a variety of equipment choices to help you retrofit any space for sport activities.   From bleachers, to goal post covers, portable practice nets and more we have everything you need to build your competitive sport zone for children and adults.

Creature Comforts
The community park can also be a place where dog owners congregate for healthy outdoor activity with their four legged friends.  Make your park dog gone friendly with person and pet water fountains and waste receptacles that help pet owners do the right thing by picking up after their pet conveniently.

If developing a community park, consider adding one or two pet friendly elements to help dog owners enjoy socializing and exercising, while feeling welcomed.   If children and dog combinations are a concern, consider creating a fenced in leash-free area for dogs to play together safely.