Playground Component Feature: Rosetta Roof


There is a lot of thought and design that goes into every commercial play structure from American Parks Company. Engaging young imaginations through play, and teaching them valuable skills are a few of the benefits of a quality playground. Translating playtime into a meaningful learning activity is just one way we add value to every commercial playground we install coast to coast.

If you have never considered the amount of value and detail that is packed into our commercial play structures, we invite you to take a further look at one particular feature—our square Rosetta Roof.

The Benefit of Structural Shading

Utilizing every square inch of a play structure’s design for entertainment or education, American Parks Company offers language learning in a fun way: by coupling it with the advantages of a shade component on some of our most popular structures.

Several playgrounds are available with structural shade components; some utilize large Fabric Shades (either in the umbrella style, or a square hip style), and others utilize rotationally-cast plastic roofs. It is the latter of these shade components that were designed to serve two purposes.

The first is to provide children at play relief from harmful UV rays by creating artificial shade. This both reduces the amount of exposure children receive, and assists in moderating the touch-surface temperature of the play structure itself. The second is to provide yet another opportunity for learning during playtime.

The Rosetta Roof Structure

Rosetta Roof Detail - American Parks CompanyThe Rosetta roto-molded plastic roof structure features foreign language training in a fun way. Children can look up into the interior of the roof to learn how to say a few common phrases in multiple languages. Cartoonish drawings teach "Hello" and “Goodbye,” as well as “Please” and “Thank You,” in English, Spanish, and Mandarin languages. This is an exclusive feature of American Parks Company play structures; you won't find this on our competitors products. It's one of the ways our playgrounds encourage community, understanding, and outdoor learning.

Exposing children to new cultures and languages is imperative during their rapid development at their young age. For this reason, we also have a Sign Language Activity Panel, which visually teach children the American Sign Language alphabet. You can customize one of our play structures to swap out an activity panel for the Sign Language Panel, or, in some cases, add the panel to the structural steel columns in an area that is free of decks or other play components. Check out the other Outdoor Learning Independent Play Activities on our site.

How to Order

The Rosetta Roof comes standard on some of our popular structures, like the Busy Bee, Magic Mountain, and the Big Kahuna. But if you would like to customize a commercial play structure we offer that doesn’t already include a shade component, then talk to one of our playground specialists at 1-800-381-4491, and tell them you would like to add one. If you’d like to customize the activity panels of one of our structures, talk to our sales team about what activities are important to you and your organization.

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