Recycled Rubber is the safest, most effective playground surfacing available. The most popular variety is rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is a safety surface that is made from recycled tires. Not only does it provide maximum support, it also offers extremely low maintenance and is the most affordable recycled rubber option.

Endorsed by the EPA, rubber mulch undergoes a rigorous refining process before it is ready for use in playgrounds. After the tires have their steel bands removed and shredded into tiny pieces, they pass under several state-of-the-art magnets, which ensure that the remaining rubber doesn't contain any wire or metal fragments. The end result is 99.9% steel free. Afterwards it is given a coat of polyurethane, which ensures that the product is clean, odor free, non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-staining.

Strong, resilient, and effortless to maintain, rubber mulch proves worth the initial investment by saving money long term. It requires only occasional raking. Since it is made out of 100% rubber it cannot decompose or crumble, therefore the need for refilling is rare. A variety of color options ensure your playground surfacing stays vibrant for up to 12 years. Plus, since rubber mulch provides more resistance, only 6 inches is needed, compared to 12 inches of wood fiber. Installation is easy; simply clear the area of rocks, debris, and stumps. Then put down filter fabric to prevent weeds, and add the rubber mulch.

Recycled Rubber, including rubber mulch, is the safest playground surfacing available, beating out pea gravel and engineered wood fiber. It protects kids and cushions falls from as high as 16 feet. With that kind of protection, combined with the longevity and easy maintenance of the material, choosing the environmentally and kid friendly rubber mulch is easy.