Summer Maintenance Tips for School Playgrounds

School playgrounds don’t get much, if any, use during the summer months, which makes this a good time for maintenance and repairs. Taking care of this during summer helps ensure that your playground is as safe as possible and in excellent condition for the upcoming school year.

Do an Inspection

Take time to do a complete inspection of your school playground, or have a professional inspector do so. Look for any equipment parts that are broken, loose or worn down. You should also look for any litter or debris on or around equipment that could be a danger to kids. Make note of any repairs that are needed, so you can have these taken care of before the school year starts. Doing an inspection can also help you find potential problems with playground equipment that could come up during the school year.

Have Repairs Done

Even minor problems with school playground equipment can turn into big ones that can put kids in danger when they’re playing. Whether you have a broken swing or some components that are severely worn or loose, make arrangements to have repairs done during summer when there aren’t as many kids around.

Check for Storm Damage

When severe storms roll through during summer, they can leave behind debris that could be hazardous, such as large branches. You might also notice damage to playground equipment from hail or wind-blown debris. Clear away any debris that has fallen on or near equipment, and have storm damage fixed.

Maintain Fences and Benches

If your school playground has a fence around it and benches or other seating, don’t forget to check their condition. Fences might have holes or bent portions that need to be repaired. Benches and other seating might be worn or in need of some fixing up. For example, wooden benches might need to be sanded to remove worn down areas that could give kids splinters.

Remove Tripping Hazards

Check around playground areas for potential tripping hazards, such as large rocks or tree roots. These hazards should be removed to reduce the risk of falls.

Check School Playground Surfacing

The surfacing material for your school playground should be in good condition, which helps lower the risk of serious injuries, such as head trauma or broken bones. This material should offer enough cushioning to minimize injuries if kids fall or trip. If any parts of the surfacing material are worn or uneven, they should be raked, repaired, or replaced. Loose fill surfaces, such as wood fiber or rubber mulch, compress over time and may need to be topped off with additional material.

Eliminate Pests

Bees, wasps and other pests might build nests on playground equipment during the summer months. Have any nests you find removed by pest control professionals, so you can make sure this is done safely. In the case of honey bees, some local beekeepers may be willing to remove nests for you for free in order to help preserve bee population.

Spending time doing maintenance and repairs on your school playground this summer is a great way to make sure that it’s ready for regular use when the new school year starts. If you have older equipment that needs to be replaced, contact us for more information. We offer custom, commercial playground structures that are made in the U.S. and easy to install.