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Cabled Matlocking System

Safety surfacing is a critical part of any climbing wall. Everlast Climbing provides a 2" cabled Mat Locking® System. Safety Mats mount on the wall via a steel cable strung through modified hand holds. Simply loosen the bolts on the specially designed hand holds with the included Allen wrench to easily attach or detach the mat system. Mats permanently attach at the bottom of the wall for secure placement. Available in Red or Blue. A "No Climbing" decal is printed on the outer side to serve as notice that the wall is closed.

6' x 4' Panel Specs:

  • Child Capacity: 1
  • Use Zone: 6' x 4'

6' x 20' Panel Specs:

  • Child Capacity: 5
  • Use Zone: 6' x 20'

6' x 40' Panel Specs:

  • Child Capacity: 10
  • Use Zone: 6' x 40'