Child Capacity and Age

While browsing our site you will notice each play structure has a designated age range, child capacity and safety use zone. Answering two key questions will help determine the ideal play structure for your project.

  • How many kids will be playing on the playground at one time?
  • What ages are the kids that will be playing on the playground?

Example of playground specifications on the product page

If your playground is for toddlers (6-23 months)...

This age group needs wide open spaces for movement and exploration. They are learning to crawl, walk, and stand. We have pieces designed with this specific age group in mind.

View Play Structures for toddlers ▸

If your playground is for ages 2-5 years old...

Our play structures for children between the ages of 2 and 5 offer a variety of details and additions like short ladders, ramps and platforms for safe crawling, grasping and exploring. Smaller grips and appropriately placed railings accommodate hands and bodies too.

View Play Structures for ages 2-5 ▸

If your playground is for ages 5-12 years old...

Children in this age group need lots of activity. We introduce climbers, slides, swings, sliding poles and horizontal bars so they can climb and hang and zoom back to ground level so they can do it all again.

View Play Structures for ages 5-12 ▸

If you aren’t sure about the age group or the age group may change, we also have composite play structures for the full range of ages 2-12.

View Play Structures for ages 2-12 ▸

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