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Chin-Up Bar

The Chin-Up Bar was designed with the expert advice of an exercise physiologist to provide several challenging styles of chin-up exercise in a single piece of outdoor fitness equipment. It is an excellent addition to any Outdoor Fitness Park or Trail.

The Chin-Up Bar's uniquely curved hand-grip allows users to target various muscle groups. It can also be installed at various heights to provide an accessible fitness element for individuals with mobility issues.

Benefits of use:

  • Muscle Strengthening,
  • Core Fitness,
  • Balance and Flexibility

The chin-up bar outdoor fitness equipment is constructed from commercial-grade steel parts, and powder-coated in a black and metallic finish reminiscent of standard indoor gym equipment. The coating allows the device to remain weather-resistant and suitable for any climate. It comes backed by a limited 10-year warranty (excludes cosmetic damage and/or defects).

Invest in your facility's healthy future by providing alternatives to indoor gyms with the outdoor fitness amenities from American Parks Company. You'll be helping your patrons make lifestyle choices that increase their well-being when they choose to exercise in the open air with this line of fitness equipment. They'll even save money by eliminating the need for costly indoor gym memberships. Call to discuss your outdoor fitness park options with one of our playground specialists at 1-800-381-4491.

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