GTG Bleacher Series w/Aisle Handrails

Model Number: GTG

With mid-aisle grab rail and enclosed guard rails, these Aluminum Bleachers offer code-compliant bleacher seating for larger parks or commercial playgrounds

Standard Features include: • 4, 5, 8, 10, or 15 Row Units • 8in. Rise / 24in. Tread • 10in. Seat Plank • 17in. Front Row Seat Height • Available in 21ft., 27ft., or 33ft. Lengths • Aluminum Frame • Double Footboards and Risers • Aluminum Picket Guardrail • Mid-Aisle Handrails

Financing as low as $134.32/moFinancing as low as $134.32/mo

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Includes 10" Seat Plank, 17" Front Row Seat Height, 8" Rise / 24" Tread, Aluminum Frame, Aluminum Picket Guardrails, Mid-Aisle Handrail
Child Capacity 50-302
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