Model Number: IMBA

Strike the Imbarimba and hear the earthy, percussive tones reminiscent of two classic African instruments. The coated fiberglass bars offer a cross between the resonated xylophone sounds of the marimba and the kalimba (thumb piano).

The outdoor musical instruments offered by American Parks Company provide long-lasting, musical fun for any park, playground, or nature trail. These instruments are weatherproof, and are designed to withstand sustained use with little maintenance. They are also constructed from recycled materials, make your outdoor space environmentally friendly.

The Imbarimba comes with 22 bars in the keys of A & C pentatonic scale in the alto / soprano range. These notes are specially designed to be harmonic with all our other outdoor music equipment. They make it easy for novices with little to no musical experience be able to play, and to accompany other players with no dissonant notes.

Music can be a motivating and fun way to teach all children, particularly children who have special learning needs. For children and adolescents with special needs, music strategies may be an effective way to stimulate speech development, provide organization for cognitive and motor development, and create a meaningful environment for socialization and leisure pursuits.

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Weight (LB) 72
Includes 22 Fiberglass Bars,2 Tethered Mallets,Key of A &C,Pentatonic Scale,Alto / Soprano Range
Child Capacity 1 or 2
Use Zone 45-3/4"L x 28-5/8"W x 22" to 36"H
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