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At American Parks Company, we know that on the playground there is more than meets the eye. That's why it is our mission for every child to have a fun, safe place to play. Independent playtime on a regular basis helps children develop crucial cognitive and social skills that allow them to excel in the classroom. Not to mention it provides plenty of physical exercise for growing bodies!

Infographic showing how to double spending power

We also know that raising money for new playground equipment is oftentimes challenging. To help out, we have partnered with The Get Movin Crew: a secure, online crowd-sourcing service that keeps the money you worked hard to raise going toward your school’s cause. Our decision to team up with them was easy—because of our mutual commitment to keeping America’s kids happy, healthy, and movin’! Their comprehensive online platform enables parents and teachers to amplify their students’ fundraising ability in a responsible way, and keeps donations organized.

Now, for the really exciting part. We’re matching fun(ds)! We will pledge 10, 15, 20, even 25 thousand dollars toward a brand new commercial playground structure. Just choose one of our program levels to set a fundraising goal. As soon as your school has hit the mark, we will handle the rest! To learn more about The Get Movin Crew and what they can do for your organization, click the link below.

Let's get started! Click here to have a fundraising expert contact you. The Original Get Movin Crew

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