Model Number: UP189

The Push-Up Bar features a unique hand-grip shape that is designed in accordance with recommendations from an exercise physiologist to create the optimum push-up experience, and it allows for multiple push-up styles for different difficulty levels. The Chin-Up Bar's uniquely curved hand-grip allows users to target various muscle groups.

The Horizontal Chin-Up offers the same benefits of traditional pull-up exercises but also allows the user to balance his or her feet on a platform, enabling them to control the amount of body weight they're lifting with their arms. With the Plyometric Box acting as the platform, users are also able to perform elevated push-ups, step-ups, dips, and other balance exercises. That makes this piece of outdoor fitness equipment a multi-use exercise station, which also creates a unique space saving option for your fitness park or trail.

These pieces of outdoor fitness equipment are constructed from commercial-grade steel parts, and powder-coated in a black and metallic finish reminiscent of standard indoor gym equipment. The coating allows them all to remain weather-resistant and suitable for any climate. The MultiGym comes backed by a limited 10-year warranty (excludes cosmetic damage and/or defects).

Studies show that exercising outdoors increases overall enjoyment of workouts, as well as increased duration and repeat use of exercise equipment as opposed to indoor gyms. The outdoors also provides a less intimidating, more welcoming atmosphere than regular club style gyms.

Create a community destination by offering outdoor fitness equipment as an added amenity to multifamily housing, hotels, universities, community parks, senior centers, or fitness clubs. By providing a health and wellness benefit to your community, you'll attract adults who enjoy exercising in the fresh air.

Price does not include footing, bolts, or other mounting hardware.

Financing as low as $86.23/moFinancing as low as $86.23/mo

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Weight (LB) 523
Includes Push-up Bar,Chin-Up Bar,Horizontal Chin-Up Bar,Plyometric Box
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