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Core Fitness

The Core Fitness Equipment products listed below provide rigid support stations that assist in abdominal and other muscle group workouts. Designed to look like the typical workout machines you find in gyms so that they'd be inviting to users of all experience levels, but to work and endure the elements of the outdoors, these products will provide your community with a long-lasting source of health and fitness. Ever notice many of your neighbors jogging around the block? That's because people love the calming quality of exercising outdoors, and generally avoid the competitive atmosphere that indoor gyms can have. Why not provide a communal space for people in your apartment complex, recreation center, or college campus with equipment that will encourage health and camaraderie? Alternatively, choose from any of the pre-configured fitness equipment packages that cover all of the ranges of exercise styles, or call an American Parks Company playground specialist at 1-800-381-4491 to design your own.