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Play SAFE with American Parks Company!

Feel SAFE with American Parks Company!

Like a loving parent watching out for their child, American Parks Company takes a proactive approach when selecting manufacturer’s equipment for your children.  Our goal, “Building Better Parks For Kids Of All Ages,” can only be accomplished by providing safe, well-designed, quality products throughout the breadth of our line.  From superior commercial park equipment to professional project recommendations, you will find American Parks Company’s dedication to safety in every part of our organization.  We recommend age-appropriate equipment that meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards, and all of our equipment is designed or can be adapted to become ADA compliant.

 Age-Appropriate Play

      CHILDREN 2-5     The focus for this age group is social interaction; activities that make for great group fun, with just the right level of physical challenge. The 2-5 age group requires guard rails and barriers at much lower deck heights than older children. Deck heights for horizontal ladder launches may not be higher than 18", and the horizontal ladder itself cannot be higher than 60" above the surfacing.  

      CHILDREN 5-12     Here our focus is more on physical challenge. Major muscle development is the source and inspiration for component and play equipment design. We've zeroed in on this group with challenging horizontal ladders, climbers and slides. Horizontal ladders may launch from decks up to 36" high and may be as high as 84" off the ground.

     CHILDREN 2-12     Sometimes separate playgrounds for different age groups are not an option, so play structures must be created and designed to meet the needs of both age groups. To accommodate the needs of both age groups, both sets of guidelines must be met. It is best to limit use of the play structure to one age group at a time or, if not possible, you need to ensure that there is enough supervision to create a safe play environment for all the children.



American Society for Testing and Materials
100 Barr Harbor Drive
West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2959

Website: www.astm.org

E-mail address: service@astm.org

The American Society for Testing and Materials is an independent and world renowned developer of technical standards utilized in testing a multitude of products. ASTM’s F15.29 committee, chaired by Dr. Francis Wallach, met consistently for over a decade in the continual development of the F1487 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specifications for Playground Equipment for Public Use. The current version is F 1487-07ae1, published in 2007.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission 
Washington, DC 20207

Website: http://www.cpsc.gov

Handbook for Public Playground Safety:

E-mail address: info@cpsc.gov

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent agency within the United States Federal Government with the authority to inform the public of current product safety performance information and recommended practices. The CPSC first published their guidelines for public playgrounds in 1981 and have updated their publication several times over the past 19 years. The current CPSC Handbook for Public Playground Safety, publication #325, is an excellent guide for owners and operators of public play environments.


Access Board 
1331 F street, NW
Washington, DC 20004-1111

Website: www.access-board.gov

Guidance Available on Play Area Guidelines:

E-mail address: greenwell@access-board.gov

Access Board (The United States Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board) has completed Accessibility Guidelines for Play Facilities as set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The Final Report of the Regulatory Negotiation Committee is available via the internet.