Pocket Fitness Park B

Model Number: UP304

The Pocket Fitness Park B outdoor fitness equipment package provides a complete workout solution in a smaller footprint. This package includes 4 pieces of exercise equipment that cover all the elements of fitness: aerobic, muscle fitness, balance/flexibility and core. The products in this package are all constructed from commercial-grade materials and is finished in the typical black and gray finish reminiscent of regular indoor gym equipment.

With the Chest Press this package differs from Pocket Fitness Park A, but it still provides a muscle building and core strengthening station to any outdoor fitness park.

The Horizontal Chin-Up offers the same benefits of traditional pull-up exercises but also allows the user to balance their feet on a Plyometric Box, enabling them to control the amount of body weight they're lifting with their arms. The Plyometric Box allows users to perform elevated push-ups, step-ups, dips, and other balance or aerobic exercises.

The Leg Press offers weight training exercise in which a user is lifting their own weight combined with an advanced variable resistance. The benefits are similar to doing leg lifts and lower body strength training.

The Upright Cycle boasts an ergonomically designed saddle style seat, combined with advanced magnetic bearing system to provide resistance that ensures smooth gliding pedal rotation emulating the actual riding experience.

Minimum Space Needed: 485 sq.ft.

Waranty information: • Limited 10-year: all steel posts, bars, metal accessories, and welds • Limited 5-year: all stainless damper modules and aluminum cycle covers • Limited 2-year: all bearings, plastics, dampers, rubber parts, and pedals • Limited 1-year: rib belt of cycles • Excludes cosmetic damage and/or defects

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Includes Chest Press,Horizontal Chin-Up,Leg Press,Upright Cycle
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