Round Dome-Top Receptacle Lid

Model Number: RT-32

The optional Round Dome-Top Receptacle Lid is for use with only 32 gallon trash receptacle site furnishings. Trash Receptacle Lids are essential for keeping your playground free and clear of debris and clutter. Some outdoor areas are subject to high winds or gusts that can blow lighter refuse right out of the receptacle, negating any cleaning efforts that may have been performed to keep the site looking beautiful.

The less cleanly the appearance of your public park or playground, the fewer people are inclined to utilize it. A cleanly appearance is key in creating an atmosphere of safe and friendly play. If no one is visiting your playground, then all the money you've invested in your community is wasted. So keep it clean with any receptacle lid found in our site furnishing categories.


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Weight (LB) 12
Includes 32 Gallon 24"I.D.,Heavy duty polyethylene lid w/ swing door, 11-3/4"H x 24-7/8"W
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