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Simon Says

• Commercial Play Structure
• Commercial Plastic Border Timbers w/ ADA Ramp
• Professional Turn-Key Installation
• FREE Freight

The Simon Says commercial playground structure is designed to cater to children of both the 2 to 5 and 5 to 12 age groups, and offers 8 activities for up to 35 users. It is a fantastic fit for schools, churches, and child care facilities.

The critical fall height is to some degree what dictates which age group a structure can accommodate, and this structure covers the two main age groups found across all playgrounds. The two slides at the 2'8" deck height are perfect for younger kids who may still need guidance from parents or instructors, or for children who just haven't quite grown brave enough to attempt the taller slide at the 4'8" deck height.

Climbing involves a number of muscle groups, enough so that this activity can supplement any physical education or exercise going on in the classroom. That's why the Simon Says features an Apex Climbing attachment and Inclined Wall Climber, with handholds and foot-grips just challenging enough for children, but with little risk for injury. But there is no reward without some amount of risk, and that reward is having fun!

This commercial playground structure features:

  • • Single Speedway Slide
  • • Two Curved Speedway Slides
  • • One Apex Climbing Attachment for simulated rock wall fun
  • • An Inclined Wall Climber for accessing the taller play deck
  • • A Store Panel for imaginative role play
  • • A Trestle Bridge for pretend time
  • • A Whistle for making fun noise
  • • An ADA Transfer Point with Handhold for inclusive play

Steel posts, hardware, clamps, and post caps are backed by lifetime limited warranty. Metal pipes, rungs, loops, are backed by a 50 year limited warranty. 15 year limited warranty on punched steel decks, HDPE panels, and roto-molded plastic components

At American Parks Company we know that a commercial playground structure is an investment toward creating meaningful, healthy play outdoors for children and families. That is why we offer more than thirty years’ experience building playgrounds for organizations coast to coast. We build value and long term satisfaction into every playground we help design. For more information call us: 1-800-381-4491.

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