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Bark Park Small Dog Kit (4 pcs.)

The Small Dog Course is a dog agility course created especially for apartment complexes and other multi-family housing communities where smaller breeds of dog are favored. It has been developed for use by dogs of all ability and confidence levels, with obstacles to encourage agility and fitness so that communities with little green spaces can keep their canines happy and playful.

The products in the Small Dog Course feature a unique thermoplastic coating surface, especially those that come into contact with your pooch's paws, making them comfortable and resilient. It is designed to be slip resistant, urine resistant, durable, resistant to vandalism, and protected from UV and weather exposure for long-lasting color. Choose from either a Natural color finish, or a Primary color finish (green and tan, or red and blue respectively).

This pre-packaged dog agility course comes with the following:

  • • Doggie Crawl
  • • Weave Posts
  • • Small Hoop Jump
  • • Paws Table

The Hoop Jump was recently reconfigured from our other dog park equipment and created to be shorter to the ground with smaller hoops just the right size for toys, terriers, and teacups. The Paws Table is also designed to be installed at various heights for any breed, but can be shorted to accommodate small breeds (the standard installation height is 12"). The Doggie Crawl can also be installed at various heights, just let your installer know what works best for the dogs in your community. The Weave posts allow dogs to slalom style exercises burning off all that energy they store up while indoors.

American Parks Company also has plenty of site furnishing options to make your dog park a complete and comfortable community destination. We have matching dog themed benches, tables, and trash cans. We also sell leash stands, water fountains designed at the perfect height for your dog to stay hydrated after a run, and integrated pet waste receptacles with refillable recycled bags. If you're ready to create a pet oasis, call one of our playground specialists at 1-800-381-4491.

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