Snug Play Learner System

Model Number: SNUG-LRN

If you are not familiar with the Snug Play commercial playground system of building components, we would like to introduce you to the next generation of blocks for young builders and creative minds. Instead of thinking 'outside the box' this activity inspires children to plan and implement their own design. There is no box.

Kids can learn quickly which configurations work best for certain functions. What parents and teachers love is the cooperation between children who conceptualize a design from start to build, and it keeps them busy whether it is made available at an indoor or outdoor playground.

The Learner System is a comprehensive bundle of 58 different configuration pieces that can be assembled into a variety of different things, and is ideal for children ages 6 to 23 months. Build an obstacle course for children or instruct them on topics of balance, structure and engineering by having them create their own masterpiece.

Product Specifications:
2 x wave pieces
2 x bump pieces
2 x cog pieces
1 x pad pieces
1 x spider pieces
50 x noodle pieces
10-15 child capacity
11' x 11' or 121 sq.ft. area

The Snug Play Learner System comes with four Play Inspiration cards which provide instructions and inspiration for creative play activities that are educational. Children can build and then use the commercial playground equipment play elements to learn through storytelling and other dynamic activities that make learning three dimensional and fun. It is hands-on and tactile learning that they will enjoy.

Financing as low as $135.74/moFinancing as low as $135.74/mo

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Weight (LB) 170
Includes 2 Wave pieces, 2 Bump pieces, 2 Cog pieces, 1 Pad, 1 Spider, 50 Noodles
Child Capacity 10-15
Use Zone Approx. 11' x 11'
Age Range Toddler
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