Starter Fitness Kit

Model Number: UP302

Like its namesake, the Starter Fitness Kit provides an introductory set of outdoor exercise and fitness equipment that is perfect for any property or community. This outdoor fitness park package includes 7 pieces of workout equipment that engage in the four elements of fitness: aerobic, muscle fitness, balance/flexibility and core. This outdoor fitness equipment is commercial-grade and is finished in the typical black and metallic finish reminiscent of regular indoor gym equipment.

The Balance Board can double as an elevated push-up platform as well as its typical use for balance or stepping related exercises. The Push-up provides several challenging styles of push-up exercises with its unique curved hand-grips.

The Chest Press and Leg Extension utilize an isokinetic spring system to provide smooth effective resistance for each of their varied exercises. The resistance module is secured in a weather-proof and vandal-resistant housing that also eliminates crush and shear hazards. The Captain's Chair provides challenging abdominal workout exercises to improve core fitness and strength.

The Cardo Walker is excellent for low-impact aerobic workouts. All equipment comes in a familiar, but long-lasting, grey and black powder-coat finish for superior outdoor performance.

Minimum Space Needed: 775 sq.ft.

Waranty information: • Limited 10-year: all steel posts, bars, metal accessories, and welds • Limited 5-year: all stainless damper modules and aluminum cycle covers • Limited 2-year: all bearings, plastics, dampers, rubber parts, and pedals • Limited 1-year: rib belt of cycles • Excludes cosmetic damage and/or defects

Financing as low as $428.04/mo

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Includes Balance Board w/ Signage,Captain's Chair,Cardio Walker,Chest Press,Leg Extension,Push-Up Station,Recumbent Cycle