Proper surfacing under and around your playground equipment is imperative for safe play.

Serious head and bodily injuries can be avoided when using the right surfacing materials under and around your play structure. Surfacing like rubber mulch, engineered wood fibers, etc. help to absorb the shock from a fall.

Remember that some injuries from falls can occur, no matter which surfacing material is used.

Why do I need safety surfacing?

Using approved safety surfacing under a playground helps attenuate falls and reduce injuries. All of the surfaces we carry meet the appropriate ASTM standards for playground surfacing.

How do I choose the right safety surface for my playground?

There are typically 3 factors that go into choosing the best safety surfacing option for you: Price, Durability, and Aesthetics.

Material Price Durability Aesthetics
Engineered Wood Fiber LOW LOW. Fibers break down through wear and tear and need to be refilled periodically. Fragments can be carried off by the wind or when caught on clothing. close-up photo of wood fiber
Rubber Mulch MEDIUM MEDIUM-HIGH. Material does not break down with wear and tear, but loose rubber mulch can get blown or carried away and may need to be replaced. close-up photo of rubber mulch
Rubber Tile MEDIUM HIGH. Fixed rubber tiles are easy to install, won't get blown away or carried off, and require minimal maintenance. close-up of rubber tile with slide in background
Artificial Turf MEDIUM-HIGH HIGH. Looks and feels like natural grass but with less maintenance and more cushion. Safety rated for 6' to 8' fall heights close-up of artificial turf
Poured Rubber MEDIUM-HIGH HIGH. Rubber is mixed with a bonding agent and poured in place, little maintenance is necessary. close-up of poured rubber

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