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Proper surfacing under and around your playground equipment is imperative for safe play. Learn why below.

Why Is Surfacing Important?

Serious head and bodily injuries can be avoided when using the right surfacing materials under and around your play structure. Surfacing like rubber mulch, engineered wood fibers, etc. help to absorb the shock from a fall.

Remember that some injuries from falls can occur, no matter which surfacing material is used.

What Surfacing Is Right for Me?

Your surfacing choices are typically dependent upon your budget.

  • Engineered wood fiber is the most inexpensive solution for surfacing, but will require more maintenance.
  • Rubber mulch is low maintenance, won't compact over time and won't need to be topped off nearly as often. It's also a safer alternative than engineered wood fiber.
  • Poured-in-place rubberis what you usually see at a city park playground. It's more expensive, but has great aesthetic and durability.

The amount of safety surface needed depends on the fall height and use zone of the structure. The greater the fall height, the greater the need for safety surfacing. On average, a playground needs between 9-12 inches of engineered wood fiber or 6-9 inches of rubber mulch.

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